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Your regulated market place for Corporate Finance

With increasing regulation banks have significantly reduced their loan business to small- and midsize enterprises. Therefore, small- and midsize enterprises need new sources of financing and find new ways to access them. piHub – your regulated marketplace for Private Equity and Private Debt can also help your business to close the existing financing gap.

piHub is regulated under § 32 of the German Banking Act (“KWG”) and thus provides the necessary regulatory requirements and legal certainty.


Digitization of processes and regulation leads to increased financing needs for all businesses to cope with current and future challenges. For this, strong investors are needed as well for early stage and incumbent innovative businesses.

piHub – your marketplace for private equity and private debt is your right partner to achieve these goals.


We enable alternative financing for your business!

Our process is aligned with your individual needs and allows efficient financing, no matter if you need equity or debt capital!

New ways to optimize financing

Small & Midsize Enterprises

Whether you need equity or debt capital doesn’t matter to us. piHub offers funding independent from the stage of your company and supports you in getting the partner of choice to help you grow your business.


 Corporate Investors

Our broad access to capital seeking corporates in every stage enables corporate investors to acquire innovation, growth and return. We offer specialized end-to-end services from structuring via sourcing via decision making and portfolio management in a broad range of industries.

There has never been a better time in history to be a customer – or a more challenging time to manage customer relationships.

Any enterprise is forced to develop an unprecedented level of flexibility, in order to react to demand with the highest speed and to offer more personalized products and services in exactly the way the customer demands it – where he wants it and whenever he wants it.

Alfred Herrhausen (former CEO of Deutsche Bank)